998 YK

A time of peace, most think. The Last War had ended two years ago, and while border skirmishes and overt subterfuge happen upon occasion, most folk don’t feel in danger. The world is getting back to the way things were before the War. Thus, a time of peace.

Sharn, City of Towers

Now gathers a band of adventurers – former comrades in arms during the Last War – called together by a vaguely written letter delivered unto them by House Tharashk members no less, and signed by their former commander, the human Korrage. The details are unclear, but the intent is not. Help is needed, and soon.

The Unwavering Soldier

A sturdy built tavern, with nothing to offer save a safe place to relax, it is said that this is the place that old soldiers come to die. Owned by the human Korrage and coveted by the criminal Boromar Clan, the group now base their various operations out of it.

The Shining Path

A mysterious group – possibly a cult – that takes the lost and gives them purpose. Known only to be led by the charismatic and enigmatic figure-head Leda, it is said they recruit primarily from the the Lower Dura district, Fallen

What does all this have in common? Well, that’s why we play the game.

Tarnished Gem of Syrania